Sometimes you just, don't finish stuff, either because of a lack of time, will, energy, or all of those, this is a collection of some of my stuff that I've not finished, things may dissapear off this list if I end up completing them.

WizWiz Elevator Munch (Game Boy Color port)

Back in july I joined the GB Compo 2021 and after a month of messing around with assembly, I started working on a GBC port of Wiz Wiz Elevator Munch in the C language, I got pretty far, but then I started running out of memory, I fit everything as tightly as I could but then one day it just... Stopped working correctly, this build is from september, right before it just stopped working completely, it has a fully working sound test and a 50-60% completed game loop.


Nintendo Spaceworld Archive files

In september 2020 I sent this video to a channel I knew was ran by a few people from the Nintendo beta archive uh.. side of the world (Back when everyone and their mom did those), a while later I joined their group and did some work for "recreating" a cancelled Nintendo game called Cabbage, among other things, this file has most of my contributions to the channel before it was dumped, it was hosted on but since it doesn't really fit there, I've moved it here.


Rewind Stream archive

Back in february, Someone I knew from an old ARG community told me they'd stream some of my games, for the occasion I decided to look through my files for any interesting games I never finished and low and behold, I found a few really dumb fangames I attempted to do back in 2016-2017 and also an early version of the concept that became Repressed Memories ...Kinda.



So after I failed at finishing WWEM GBC, I moved my focus to what actually ended up working out after it, CBT-FX, a sound effect driver I did for WWEM GBC but ended up cleaning up for release, while figuring out how to finish it, I made a really simple tracker for it in Godot (...Yes, I don't know why, it's just easy to work with I guess), I got it done in a week or so and was gonna release it, but afterwards I figured better and easier ways to write sound effects instead of a tracker that also lacked a playback function.


Asobiba 64 Test Rom

So... During the whole Beta Archive craze of the later half of 2020 (You can thank SM64 Beta Archive for that...), I attempted my own concept, inspired mostly by the Playstation's Net Yaroze, I wrote a document about the same thing, but if it had happened in Nintendo, with carts they'd sell to flash and shit, I still like the concept but it never got too far, I got a few people on my team but my lack of communication skills and N64 programming knowledge pretty much killed the project, At one time I jokingly leaked one of the test roms I did with Libdragon on a friend's site which would host files until someone else hosted theirs, but yeah, might as well give it an actual release.


Also a rough test video I did to show my idea.

Unfinished SM64 Alpha Archive video

Almost a year ago a couple of friends started a channel called SM64 Alpha Archive as a sorta parody of SM64 Beta Archive, which was crumbling at the time which meant the team ended up having a lot of SM64BA people, I joined because of them but didn't do much in the end because of the much more talented people involved, one of the things I did draft up and almost finish was this video, which I lazily overdubbed for the person in charge of Tim's (SM64AA's main "character") voice to redub, the channel nowadays is run by other people and they're doing great, but I thought I'd drop this since I'm 200% sure it's not going anywhere

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