Fami-Hammer Injector

Inject Fami-Tracker text exports into FX-Hammer save files.

This site lets you inject FamiTracker text exports into FX-Hammer .sav/.srm files, which can help you accelerate your SFX writing, it is NOT a full, bullet-proof converter though, it is very simple and only useful for transfering notes, it leaves lots of garbage data, so you still need to tinker your SFX manually. To use it, first grab this file, open it with your desired FamiTracker fork (I've only tested with Dn-FamiTracker so beware) and edit as you please.

Format specs

When adding effects for things like changing duty cycles, noise mode or speed, the converter only looks at the value, not the effect, so each effect row per channel has a use.

Set Speed (FXX): Goes on channel 1's effect row

Set CH2 duty cycle (VXX): Goes on channel 2's effect row

Set CH4 noise mode (VXX): Goes on channel 4's effect row

The converter only looks for these effects, any other won't work, neither will editing the row size or adding other patterns (Don't do, it'll throw the converter off), the only thing you can edit in the module's options is the starting speed. Also, due to the different way the NES and Game Boy generate noise, the noise channel will sound different, I'm using a look-up table taken from an old NSF to GBC converter, which are the closest I could find.

FX-Hammer slot to save into (0 - 59)